Mistress Jane, Serious Reading Mistress

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Serious Reading Mistress

Mistress Jane is a very experienced professional Reading Mistress. Step inside Mistress Jane’s hedonistic wonderland of live BDSM, fetish, role play and kink. An erotic sensual world where you can expand your personal experiences, and express yourself without judgement, in a safe environment. Fetish and BDSM is for both of you to explore and enjoy. So, explore live BDSM and fetish sessions with Mistress Jane. It’s always fun to explore, extremely safe always, and provides you with one of the most amazing releases from the humdrum roles of everyday life.

Experienced or newbie sub wanting to quench your curiosity for all thing’s fetish? Mistress runs live sessions from a fully equipped, discreet and modern private dungeon. Mistress Jane has a medical white room and separate school/boss’s office for those additional live sessions or scenarios. Some of you may want a brief encounter with light-hearted approach to BDSM, and some want a more serious approach, either way, your limitations will be fully respected.