Mistress Ruby, Serious Swindon Mistress

by webmaster
Mistress Ruby, Swindon Mistress

Mistress Ruby is a dominant Swindon Mistress, a professional fetish enthusiast who demands respect and obedience from all subs approaching Mistress. If you choose to be brave enough, and step into the presence of this dominant Mistress, protocols must be followed. Before you can begin any live fetish or BDSM session, you will be required to drop to your knees, to bow your head and to always be respectful to Mistress Ruby. Only then, will your session begin.

Present yourself respectfully, and Mistress will consider (consideration must be earned) your request to spend time in the presence of Mistress. Mistress Ruby has many years’ experience with all different types of live fetish and BDSM scenarios. Don’t feel ashamed to approach Mistress with your single or multiple fantasy requests. Don’t forget, be respectful always and Mistress Ruby will reward you. Your reward? Make your BDSM and fetish dreams come true.